Marketing implementation for JYSK

What do we do for JYSK?

Our professional and experienced production setup enables us to carry out a number of projects for JYSK including layout work and campaign executions.

Retail leaflets production

  • We produce retail leaflets for all markets containing more than 29000 pages on an annual basis

Campaign execution

  • We develop HTML banners, in-store material, motion graphics and video production.

Why SPRING Production?

JYSK requires a large-scale production to accommodate their needs. To handle jobs of this magnitude, it is crucial to have the right resources. Thankfully, SPRING Production has the capabilities to do just that.

  • Our setup is geared to coordinate large productions.
  • Our experience means not only do we meet deadlines, but we also ensure all campaign elements we produce are scalable.
  • We adapt to increased demands in terms of optimisation and we are able to reduce costs on a continuous basis.

How do we work with JYSK?

We run a semi-automated production process in which JYSK’s brochures are built according to their templates and we ensure that all our work matches JYSK’s existing setup in terms of system integration.

Once the client briefs us on the template, our process immediately starts. While our streamlined production set-up in Vietnam handles the layouts, the team in Denmark takes care of the actual project management incl. production planning as well as client contact and coordination with broker and the printing company

Michael Gade, Marketing director, JYSK
When we scout the market, price and reliability of delivery play a very important role in catalogue production, and when we look at other solutions we cannot find anyone who’s better. Without a doubt, it’s a strong advantage if a partner understands how we work and can help to optimise the flow. SPRING Production simply delivers a very competitive setup in all parameters.
Retail leaflet pages per year in 19 countries